Avoid Dangerous Hitchhikers

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National Professional Anglers Association
Published May 6, 2013

Aquatic invasive species are changing how and where we fish. These harmful invaders choke accesses, foul gear and compete for forage with the types of fish we all want to catch.

Most fishermen are aware of the Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! message. It’s everywhere on signs, billboards, TV ads, even peer pressure is helping remind them that a few simple steps-like Clean, Drain and Dry-can help stop the spread! But the resource needs more than that; it needs everyone to participate!

Just as the “catch-and-release” mindset gained acceptance years ago as anglers realized it improved the quality of their fishing, the same will happen with the fight against invasive species. When fishermen better understand how much good they can do if they simply Clean Drain and Dry their boat and equipment, they’ll gladly make the time and effort.



You can do your part and leave your mark by carrying the message to other anglers, and even get the youngsters involved. Here are some facts about invasive species to help you get started.

Visit CleanDrainDry.org for more information on how you ca

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Author: Spencer Deutz

Winner of the 2011 Masters Walleye Circuit Father/Son Team of the Year, qualifying for the Cabelas National Team Championship in 2012 and also qualifying for the Masters Walleye Circuit World Walleye Championship in 2012 and 2014

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