Walleye Popularity Growing in North America

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Walleye Popularity Growing in North America

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Published October 30, 2015

Less than one year ago, a couple pioneers in the fishing industry decided  walleyes needed more “love.”  Al and Ron Lindner, Jim Kalkofen and Jay Kumar launched Target Walleye to fill the void in walleye news, publicity and promotions.

In the months that followed, with their exclusive digital media including email news, Facebook and Instagram, their theory came alive.  ”Walleye popularity is growing in North America, and maybe stronger than ever,” said Al Lindner. There are more tournaments; more trophy-class walleyes; more walleye anglers; more walleye boats; more walleye gear; more walleye waters; more walleyes and more walleyes to eat than ever before.
They are being caught in rivers, lakes, reservoirs and the Great Lakes with simple tactics like a bobber and worm to the most advanced fishing tactics, employing cutting-edge electronics, gear and high-level fishing skills. Walleye boats range from canoes or kayaks to 14-footers with small outboards to 20-foot deep-vee hulls loaded like spaceships. They are also caught from shore or while wading.
Target Walleye has rapidly grown and each week its Instagram site is the largest walleyes-only site.  Their Facebook reach in a 28-day period in September was 328,344 people in the US, and 130,238 people in Canada.  The Target Walleye emails go to nearly 15,000 subscribers twice each week, loaded with photos, news, tips, what’s hot, gear and new products and tactics. “And, it’s free.  Sign up at targetwalleye.com,” Al said.
While researching and talking with anglers from every corner of the continent, the Target Walleye team — the Lindners, Gord Pyzer and other experts at Target Walleye –worked with fisheries biologists to determine where walleyes swim today.  The findings are compiled in the map.  It also outlines the typical “ice” line, because Target Walleye lives and breathes everything about walleyes and in winter becomes Target Walleye/Ice covering all species pursued by ice anglers everywhere.
Walleye fishing and ice fishing are two of the biggest fisheries in North America, and Target Walleye/Ice is the Number One North America-wide media outlet catering to these regions, fisheries and fishermen.  Walleyes fascinate anglers and have a reputation for confounding fishermen. So do most species under the ice. Where they go, why they move, how to find them, and how to catch them are some of the answers revealed at Target Walleye/Ice.
NPAA members are encouraged to send walleye and ice fishing photos, original fishing tips, comments and news to walleyenuts(a)targetwalleye.com.
Author: Spencer Deutz

Winner of the 2011 Masters Walleye Circuit Father/Son Team of the Year, qualifying for the Cabelas National Team Championship in 2012 and also qualifying for the Masters Walleye Circuit World Walleye Championship in 2012 and 2014

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